Thruxton Floating Wave Front Rotor
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Thruxton Floating Wave Front Rotor

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Braking Triumph Thruxton Front Rotor

The high-carbon-content stainless steel rotors produced by BRAKING offer optimal mechanical characteristics, especially at high running temperatures. Each rotor goes through a special treatment cycle to ensure it is perfectly flat. They are also put through a precise heat treatment process while adhering to the highest ISO standards. These treatments offer a high coefficient of friction while minimizing the amount of wear on the brake pads.


  • Superior materials provide unmatched friction, feel and heat dissipation
  • Extensive racing experience combined with cutting-edge technology provides superior brake systems
  • CAD/CAM laser process produces exceptionally light and stress-free rotors
  • Heat-treated according to its mass, thickness and targeted use
  • Diamond surface finish is applied for perfect symmetry, flatness and balance
  • Provide maximum stopping power while remaining perfectly flat
  • Design is covered by an international license
  • Sold Individually


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