Biltwell Moto Goggles
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Biltwell Moto Goggles

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The problem with open fac​e helmets is that they’re open face, meaning that without good eye protection you’re going to be squinting into the wind and hoping you don’t catch a bug in the eye. Bugs hate eyes, probably as much as your eyes hate bugs. The problem with a faceshield is that it’s a faceshield — you don’t get the feeling of the wind on your face. And where’s the adventure in that?

Introducing Biltwell Moto Goggles. Biltwell Moto Goggles perform the simple job of keeping junk out of your eyes, and they perform it well. They even come without the tacky industry-standard neon flames-and-spiderwebs graphics; featuring an understated greyscale color scheme.​The molded frame features a large eyeport for excellent peripheral visibility. Two-stage foam along the frame with a fleece outer layer provides venting and comfort, and the clear anti-fog lens is removable for cleaning and replacement. The heavy-duty strap on Moto Goggles is woven for superior stretch and durability, and features double D-rings for precise adjustment. Clear and smoked anti-fog replacement lenses are also available.

Simply made, simply good. Look slick and keep your eyes open with Biltwell Moto Goggles.


  • Large eyeport for excellent peripheral visibility
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable
  • Sleek, understated aesthetic
  • Durable


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