Biltwell Thruster Grips
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Biltwell Thruster Grips

  |   Biltwell Inc
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Biltwell Thruster Grips

These beautiful diamond printed rubber Biltwell Thruster grips are perfect for any application. Biltwell grips are available in two sizes: 7/8” and 1”. Each size number refers to the outside diameter of the bar end on the left side of your motorcycle. If you don’t know the O.D. of your handlebars, measure with a caliper, an open-end wrench or other device. Each set comes with two grips: one for the clutch side (small inside diameter) and one for the throttle (larger I.D.) Installing the wrong grip on either side may result in loose-fitting grips or grips that can tear and stretch too far during installation.

Fits: See chart below

Model 7/8" Bar 1" Bar
Triumph Bonneville Carb X
Triumph Bonneville EFI/T100 X
Triumph Bonneville Mag X
Triumph Thruxton X
Triumph Thruxton EFI X
Triumph Scrambler X  
Triumph Scrambler EFI X  
Triumph America X
Triumph America EFI X
Triumph Speedmaster X
Triumph Speedmaster EFI X



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Reviewed by
11/12/2015 - 09:07:45 AM
Grips match cross pattern brown leather seat
I bought these grips and had the dealer install them on my '15 EFI scrambler. I also got the matching cross-pattern brown leather slammer seat. The two look good together although the grips are a bit lighter brown than the seat. Still looks great.
They are thicker grips than the stock grips so I noticed that right away. I have my levers set on "4" and its a little harder to reach the brake lever (on the right side of bar) but my hands are smallish so that's more of a personal issue. Love the look and feel of the grips and looks great w/ seat
Reviewed by
06/15/2015 - 10:52:26 PM
Where's the girth?
What a damn mistake. The stock grips were much more comfortable.

If you like em big, the half-chub thrusters are not for you. They don't have much girth. And I like girth.

2 stars for the nice diamond pattern feel. Damn. But no girth.

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